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  • Management and Financial Accounting
  • What is a Dissertation?


  • Is the selected topic interesting?
  • A well documented research paper on any topic of your choice is called a dissertation. In this document, called dissertation, you will include all the research work and knowledge about the specific field of study that you have selected. You will list all the observations, research works, and findings in this dissertation. First step to write a dissertation is to choose a topic on which you want to write the dissertation.

  • Stocks and Investments
  • Data analysis of substantial part
    • Here is a general structure written below to help you have the best dissertation possible:

      Structure of Your Dissertation

      General Topics for Your Dissertation

    • Global Banking
    • How to Choose an Accounting Dissertation Topic

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    Research work

  • Use of accounting textbooks
  • Methodology: tools , procedures and participants in research work
  • Auditing
      • Global Economy
      • References used in the dissertation.
      • You have to choose one the above topics and then focus on it. Your dissertation should be structured around the topic and problems within it. After this, you have to do in your dissertation is to give a solution to the problem. Having a strong understanding and capability to come up with a possible solution of the problem should be the main theme of your dissertation. Basically main object to write your dissertation is to convey an informative message that as an accountant you will do care and detail into your work and that will also represent your institute well.

      • A synopsis : to briefly describe the dissertation to the reader
      • Research problems of each topic and its solutions
      • Reflecting on what you have learned
      • After the selection of the topic, you have must to do as much research as possible on it. You have to discuss about it in thoughtful details. To show your dissertation as an authentic research study, all of your findings should be written in your dissertation. The accounting is a very vast subject, so you must need to show a high level of understanding and knowledge in the selected field in your dissertation.

      • Literature review: to reviewing past research and providing theoretical knowledge about the dissertation.
      • Is it worth for researching?
      • Topic ideas research
      • <!–

    • International Finance and Trade
    • Bookkeeping
    • Introduction: to introduce the dissertation, research objectives and significance of it.

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  • Have any other wrote about this topic?
  • Before submitting your dissertation proposal, you definitely need to have all of this done. You have to make sure that what you are choosing is interesting and you can write about with full dedication and care. For choosing a good topic, ask four following questions to yourself about a topic:

    • Suggestions: also discuss about the remaining parts of research that may require more research
    • Is there a significant resource for information?
    • Data presentation of the dissertation
    • Choosing the suitable accounting dissertation topic is the first step towards writing an accounting dissertation. It is the very first step of your dissertation. The choice of an interesting topic should be very hard. Being first step of writing dissertation, it is very crucial and difficult one. Writing a dissertation is very complex and difficult work. So it is necessary that you should have some extra knowledge about the topic that you choose to write about. It becomes more crucial in the case of writing accounting dissertation. It requires a lot of effort, determination and sufficient time.  You have to be careful when writing about:

      These four questions will help you to select a good, interesting and worthy informative topic.

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